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Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana (Rajasthan) Check Benefits/Details of Scheme

Rajasthan Government initiates a new scheme named as Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana. Still there are many areas in Country where there is no electricity. So this scheme will provide 24*7 Electricity in rural areas in Rajasthan.  Earlier, this Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana started by PM Modi. Now current Rajasthan Government took decision to start it across rural areas of Rajasthan State. Here are the main highlighted points of scheme given below in table:

Scheme NameDeendyal Gram Roshni Yojana
Launched InRajasthan State
Motive of SchemeTo Provide 24 Hour Electricity in the State
UnderMinistry of Power Supply Rajasthan
Firstly Launched in VillageNedan
Firstly Inagurated ByMr Saitan Singh Rathore (MLA)

Benefits of Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana (Scheme)

  • First of all Villages and rural areas will connect to electricity first time.
  • Regular electricity supply will help all people in rural areas of Rajasthan under this scheme.
  • Now there will be no shortage of electricity in the backward areas anymore when scheme come into part.
  • After continuous electricity supply children’s studies won’t affect at all.
Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana

Deendyal Gram Roshni Yojana (Rajasthan) Check Benefits/Details of Scheme

Starting of Scheme:

The Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana started from a village- Nedan. Area MLA Mr Saitan Singh Rathore inaugurated the scheme for the welfare of people in village. Upcoming vision of the scheme is to provide 24 Hours electricity in all rural areas of Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan State Electricity Status:

Rajasthan is a state known for its folk dance and culture. There are many historical palaces to visit in Rajasthan. Talking about its electricity status, in year 2013 1400 lakh units per day supply was there in Rajasthan. Whereas coming to 2014 there was 2100 Lakh units supply daily. Recently power cuts affected many people, especially farmers of Rajasthan. That is why Rajasthan Government starts Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana for people’s convenience.

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Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana Motive & Details

The main motive of this yojana is to provide electricity supply for 24*7 hours in all areas of Rajasthan. In cities there is no big problem regarding electricity. But taking villages in consideration there are many power cuts for many days. So to solve this problem finally Government launches Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana. Here are some of the main details about the scheme/yojana:

  1. The scheme is launched by Ministry of Power Supply under Rajasthan State Government.
  2. Due to low investment for distribution companies, power supply decreased in recent times. So to increase power supply ratio this scheme projects by Govt.
  3. To prevent crops and farmers in the state from loss, scheme starts.
  4. Basically Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana is all about providing regular supply of electricity without power cuts in Rajasthan.
  1. PM Modi has discussed about Deendyal Gram Roshni Yojana in Digi Dhan Mela. The digi dhan mela was organized on date 30th december in New Delhi. Moreover PM also  focuses on the importance of cashless and digital way of sending and receiving money. Therfore it is the important information for all that we should make as many e-transactions. Deendayal Roshni or Jyoti yojana mainly emphasises on

Finally following the scheme launched firstly by PM Modi, Rajasthan government also took this vital step. The aim of scheme is to supply full electricity for 24 hours in rural as well as city areas. If you want to share your views regarding Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana , Kindly comment below in box. © 2017