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Elevate 100 scheme Karnataka ~ Application & Registration !!

Elevate 100 scheme Karnataka Details, Features,Application Form, Karnataka Elevate Scheme

Start-ups always face issues to establish well in the economy. And in country like India, which is still developing this phase of business cycle is even more problematic​. But now Government seems to be helping start-ups which are innovative.

Karnataka Elevate Scheme

Karnataka government is the first state government which  thought of aiding start-ups financially. This Sid will be given under the scheme named Elevate 100 scheme, Karnataka. The purpose of this scheme is to identify innovative start-ups and​ nurture them to flourish in the state. This scheme is started by Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Service. This scheme will work in a step by step channel, that is:

Elevate at filling up of application form.

Delegate when registration form us filled

And then registering start-ups.

karnataka elevate 100 scheme

Open house will be held at Mangaluru, Kalaburgi, Mysuru and Hubli by Karnataka government.

Karnataka Elevate Scheme Registration 

To be benefitted under this scheme one need to register themselves. So the details of registration are:

  • Visiting official website you may register
  • Then click on apply to Pitch (delegation registration).
  • You must then fill up the Pitch to elevate application form.
  • There after fill up Delegate Registration form.
  • Finally you may successfully submit your form.

This scheme will enhance the quality of trade and business in the state and will give boost to its speed. All this​ will be done with the help of funds availed by state government and its leadership. This scheme will provide opportunities in the field of networking along with validation of idea and incubation facilities. Also training sessions regarding accountings, legal knowledge and trending technology will be arranged.

Anila Bhagya Scheme Karnataka

This scheme​ will help start-ups  and will encourage them to do better. Facts sated by Government officials revealed​ that 46 start-ups are identified in the state. Further it is told that INR 15.68 crores are already sanctioned. Categorically:

  • 26 start-ups in the field of biotechnology are sanctioned INR 10.70 crore.
  • 8 start-ups in the field of tourism got sanction worth INR 1.80 crore.
  • And 12 startups in Information Technology field got sanction worth INR 3.18 crore. © 2017