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Maharashtra state government launches free Wi-Fi hotspots namely Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi for the people of the State.Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi is India’s largest public Wi-Fi service and is globally too.The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis announces the largest public Wi-Fi Service on Monday in Mumbai. He announces 500 Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi live hotspots across the City , he also says 1,200 Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi hotspots will go live in city by 1st May 2017.

On Twitter Devendra Fadnavis twitted that he is happy to dedicate phase 1 of Mumbai Wi-Fi . From this instance 500 Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi hotspots go live across various locations in Mumbai.He also twitted that it is important step by their government in the continual commitment of Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi for digital empowerment of Maharashtra.

Official Portal for detailsaaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in
SchemeAaple Sarkar Mumbai Wifi
Started byAaple Sarkar
StateMaharashtra (Mumbai)
Initiated by Mr. V.K Gautam- Principal Secretary at State Information Technology Department
No. of Free WiFi1200
Starting Date6th January 2017
Completion Target1st May 2017

Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi : How to do Registration 

So, in order to have Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi hotspots a person need to Register himself , And after that he is able to get Username and Password.

So, following are the steps to register on Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi for New Users :-

  • Step 1 : Locate Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi  nearest to you.

A person need to turn ON his device Wi-Fi switch and search Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi  .

  • Step 2 : Connect to Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi .

Where there is good signal strength of Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi person should remain in that zone in order to browse faster.

Click to connect and establish Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi. And your device will show that it is now connected to network.

  • Step 3 : Now, Get Mumbai Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi Login – New Users.

You need to open your device internet browser and enter any website. You will get Mumbai Wi-Fi Login page.

Now, you need to enter your register mobile number on which OTP is to come. A person get OTP that is One Time Password through SMS and click on Get SMS.

Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi
Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi ~Check How to do Registration Steps | User Login
  • Step 4 : Enter OTP on Mumbai Wi-Fi Login.

You will receive OTP on your mobile number within 10-15 seconds and do not refresh the page . After receiving OTP enter it and also enter your name in the given option.

  • Step 5 : Click on Login option.

After entering OTP and your Name you need to enter on the login option.

So these are the steps for registration on Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi for New Users.

 Aaple Sarkar Mumbai Wifi Hotspots- How to Connect:

So after getting registered for Aaple Sarkar Mumbai Wifi you will get the Mumbai Wifi Hotspots. After getting registered all you need to do is just Log in with your user Id and Password. Aaple Sarkar Mumbai Wifi is one of the largest WiFi Service provided by the state government. The initiative is taken by State Information Technology Department Principal Secretary, Mr. V.K. Gautam. As on 6th January 2017 Mumbai city is First Free Wifi Hotspots city of the country. And initiative is taken by Aaple sarkar. They have started this Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi scheme.
In order to connect to this Aaple Sarkar Mumbai Wifi Hotspots you just have to log in with your username and Password. You can check more details about Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi scheme of Mumbai Wifi Hotspots on its official web portal aaplesarkar.maharashtra.gov.in.


How to login on Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi | Already Registered User

  • Select the Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi on your device.
  • Open your internet browser and enter any website .
  • Mumbai Wi-Fi Login Page come on your screen homepage.
  • Already registered user need to enter his registered mobile number .
  • Therefore Click on Login button.
  • So Now , your device is connected to the internet provide by Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi .

So, this is the procedure to register yourself for Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi.

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Also, this works good only when you are under strong range of Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi .The working of Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi is stop when the sim card from your mobile is remove. A single user can use a mobile number for one time.So, the state government monitor the progress of the public Aaple Sarkar Mum WiFi hotspots to see how they are working. In case of query about how to connect to Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi, How to register to Aaple Sarkar Mum Wi-Fi you can ask us. We will keep updating more details here.