Delink Aadhaar Card from Bank Account

Delink Aadhaar Card | Delink from Paytm Waller | How to Delink Aadhar Card from Bank 

Up till now, all the hype was on getting the Aadhar cards linked to all the mandatory accounts. Like getting your mobile number linked with Aadhar card, and then getting your Aadhar card linked to your account numbers or nay digital wallets. But now looking at different perspectives and the way the Aadhaar card was used for various information of an individual, Supreme Court reconsidered Aadhar card’s compulsion.

It is Jio that pioneered this step of getting KYC done through just getting the Aadhar card numbers, and has 100% database of its customer through it. And it is then that all other telephone companies started with the same.

Delink Aadhaar Card from Bank Account & Phone Number

So now the new verdict on the same is to Delink Aadhaar Card. Yes, you read it right now the new trend will be to Delink the Aadhar Card number from your bank account. But there is the entire process that will take place for this process of delinking of your Aadhaar cards.

Steps to Delink Aadhaar Card from Bank Account:

  • Visit the official website of your bank and log in there.
  • Go to Services option and Select Update Aadhar Card.
  • Check the Delink option provided.
  • Click on Submit button to Delink Aadhaar Card from your bank Account.

But the new issue with this verdict is that it states that it is not mandatory to link your Aadhar card to your mobile number and bank accounts. But the bank account needs to be registered with the PAN or Permanent Account Number, which needs the Aadhaar card linked to it. So indirectly the Aadhar is still mandatory for bank accounts.

How to Delink your Aadhaar Card?

And according to the verdict the Aadhaar card holder needs to do nothing in order to delink their Aadhar cards. But the entire process is automated. But still, the telephone companies will have to see as to what process is feasible for delinking the Aadhar cards. And we will update the process here as and when released by any company.

KUA KYC User Agency “the Aadhar number holder may, at any time, revoke consent given to a KUA for storing his e- KYC data or for sharing it with third parties, and upon such revocation, the KUA shall delete the e-KYC data and cease any further sharing.” – Compendium of Regulations of the UIDAI.

So, it is also stated that account holders may submit the application in order to cancel the consent to store e- KYC data in the bank accounts.

Delink Aadhaar Card

Aadhar Card Delink from Paytm Wallet

As per the latest notification by the court, now you can opt out for delinking your aadhar from the bank account. And this can be done with Paytm wallet if your bank account is linked with Paytm. To delink aadhaar card from Paytm just open your paytm app and find there option for delinking. This is a simple and direct method to delink aadhaar card from your bank account as it is not necessary now. 

Delinking from e-wallets

In order to delink your Aadhaar card from different e-wallets, you will still have to wait to know the entire process. But no worries, we will update the entire process of delinking your Aadhar cards from your e-wallets or digital wallets here as and when updated.

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