Padma Award 2019

Padma Awards 2019:

The award of honor in India began in 1954 when the government instituted Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibhushan. Bharat Ratna is the highest award of honor and it is followed by Padma Awards which has three tiers:

  • Padma Vibhushan
  • Padma Bhushan
  • And Padma Shri

Every year on the eve of Republic day the civilian awards of the highest order are for the people of India irrespective of cast, color, creed, occupation, gender etc. Each individual who has served an exceptional or distinguishable deed to the nation is eligible to be nominated for the Padma Awards.

Nominations for Padma Awards 2019

This year also, the government of India has started registrations for nomination to Padma awards. The registrations began on May 1 2018 and going to end on September 15, 2018. More than 28,260 registrations have been received. Out of these over 28,212 Nominations have been processed and it is still counting.

Padma Award 2019

Eligibility for Padma Award 2019

People with following work distinction are eligible for nomination:

  • Civil Service (Excellence in administration)
  • Others (not covered in any other field)
  • Arts (Music, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Cinema etc.)
  • Public Affairs (Politics, public peacekeeping etc.)
  • Science & Engineering (R&D in science, space and nuclear engineering etc.)
  • Social Work (Social Service, Charitable service etc.)
  • Medicine (Medical Research etc.)
  • Trade & Industry (Commerce, economics etc.)
  • Sports (Sports, Adventure sports, Athletics, Olympics etc.)
  • Literature & Education (Poetry, literature, education, research etc.)


Padma Award Registration Process

The current ruling government has simplified the process of Padma award nomination of people for the prestigious civilian honor. Earlier only minister and politicians could give names of people for the award but now any citizen can nominate anyone including self-nomination. The process of nomination as follows:

  • Visit the Padma award portal at
  • So Press on registration or login button.
    Padma Award 2019
  • If you have id Then Login with username password. Else Create a new account.Padma Award 2019


  • In the following page, you will have two categories to choose from
    • Organization
    • Individual
  • Press the respective button and fill in your aadhar details.
  • If you don’t have aadhar you can provide any other id proof.
  • Once registered you can provide nomination or recommendation detail of the person
  • You have to provide a citation of not more than 800 words which will depict why the person should be a winner of the Padma Award.
  • So Upload necessary documents.

People selected for Padma award are subjected to verification by government agencies to establish their bonafide and anecdotes. Further, their character and status in society are also verified.  So For more details, you can visit the ministry of home affairs website or official Padma award registration portal.

2019 Padma Award Winner List

List of winners of Padma Award 2019 will be revealed or announced on 26th January 2019. Until then all the nomination are being considered and processed. The award committee is constituted by Prime Minister is looking after processing of these nominations. It is led by the Cabinet Secretary and also Home Secretary, Secretary to the President and four to six eminent people as members. The Padma award winners will be conferred upon by the President of India in the month of April 2019.

So this was all about Padma award 2019.

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