WB Swapner Bhor Scheme

WB Swapner Bhor Scheme

The UNO and WHO recognized and awarded Kanyashree Prakalpa scheme which is running in the state of West Bengal. According to WHO it is in the adolescent age that maximum potential for physical and mental growth for a girl happens. WHO has run various campaigns and has duly rewarded those which have run exceptionally well. One new upgrade to Kanyashree Prakalpa scheme is WB Swapner Bhor Scheme.

Swapner Bhor and Kanyashree Scheme

Recently, an extension or upgrade to Kanyashree Prakalpa scheme came into light when the West Bengal Government launched Swapner Bhor Scheme. A West Bengal government initiative the Swapner Bhor scheme aims at providing education and skill training to the girls who fall under the K2 level of Kanyashree scheme.

K2 level beneficiaries are those who have recently turned 18 and are eligible to get the one-time grant of Rs. 25000.

WB Swapner Bhor Scheme Eligibility

State department of Technical Education and Skill Development will work towards providing these girls training. The aim of the training will be to provide girls with an opportunity for Job. There are a few clauses that must be followed to be eligible to receive the benefit of swapner bhor scheme:

  •        The girl must be at least 18 years Old.
  •        She must be a beneficiary of Kanyashree praklpa scheme.
  •        She shouldn’t be married and should continue with higher studies.

WB Swapner Bhor Scheme

The state government will provide training in two aspects depending upon the aptitude of the girl:

  •        Mechanical
  •        Technical

How to Apply for Swapner Bhor Scheme

To apply for the WB Swapner bhor scheme you should:

  •        Visit the online kanyashree portal www.wbkanyashree.gov.in
  •        On the portal go to intra login.
  •        From there, go to Intra Kanyashree login
  •        Select the appropriate region and log in with your credentials.
  • Once done you will have to wait until you get enrolled in the Swapner Bhor scheme.

The registerations for swapner bhor scheme are yet to be announced.

WB swapner Bhor Scheme Highlights

Some highlights of Swapner bhor scheme are:

1.       West Bengal Swapner Bhor scheme will be maintained by State Government.

2.       The Swapner bhor scheme will work as an upgrade to Kanyashree Scheme.

3.       Once you have registered for the scheme you will undergo counseling.

4.       During counseling, girls will be made aware of the course content and fields that they can choose from

5.       As much as Rs. 2000 will be given as stipend to girls under Swapner Bhor scheme.

6.       The course will be anywhere in between 6 months to 1 year long.


With over 50 lakh beneficiaries in the state of West Bengal, a major portion of it will come under this scheme. Being a proactive scheme, each year new girls will get enrolled and one can expect the course to evolve into a multi-dimension industry level training course.

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